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Wisconsin probation and parole manual

the defendant's probation and either modify the defendant's conditions of supervised probation or impose a term of incarceration. Under §4A1.2(k), a defendant's criminal history score can be affected by revocations of probation, parole, supervised release, special parole, and mandatory release. When a revocation.

¶ 3 Initially risk assessment tools were used only by probation and parole departments to help determine the best supervision and treatment strategies for offenders. With nationwide focus on the need to reduce recidivism and the importance of evidence-based practices, the use of such 753 *753 tools has now expanded to sentencing. [8]. The systemic problems facing the nation's prisons and jails, from the fallout of mass incarceration to the infusion of deadly new drugs, have received extensive public exposure. Just as challenging, if far less visible, are problems related to the larger offender population in community corrections — those on probation or parole. In 2018, those on parole after incarceration or serving.

Wisconsin Legislative Documents.

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Promising Victim Related Practices in Probation and Parole: Training Curriculum [and] Participant Manual [Lesson Plans and Participants' Manual] See the full content "The goal of this training program is to provide community corrections officers with information on strategies they can use to enhance their interactions with and services to.

W-2 Manual Sections2.2.1 , 3.1 4.1.2, 17.2.1 17.2.2. 2017 Wisconsin Act 80. ... If the individual is on probation, parole,or extended supervision, proof of permission ... and financial eligibility criteria in Wisconsin Works ( W-2) Manual sections 2.2.1 and 3.1. All JAL applicants must meet with a Financial and Employment Planner (FEP) to.


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